Ending Homelessness

Help END, not just manage, homelessness!

There will always be people who are homeless. But, we can change the system so fewer people fall into homelessness and more people move out of homelessness quickly.

  • Prevention costs less and is more humane than allowing people to become homeless and then addressing shelter needs.
  • People need safe, affordable housing before services can effectively address life issues.
  • Contact Janice Andersen for more information on any of our programs or to get involved.

Summer 2014 Downtown Panhandling Survey

In July of 2014, St. Stephen’s Outreach in partnership with the Minneapolis/Hennepin County Office to End Homelessness conducted surveys on panhandling in downtown Minneapolis.  Panhandlers, those who gave to panhandlers, and a sample of downtown employees were all surveyed over the course of a week.  The survey responses shine light on the reasons behind panhandling, the perceptions of others towards panhandlers, and the characteristics of both panhandlers and those that give to panhandlers. 

The surveys will be of particular use for a high-profile effort in Minneapolis.  The Minneapolis Downtown Council’s Downtown 2025 plan calls for Minneapolis to become the first city in the United States to end street homelessness.  Information from the surveys will help to plan an effective response to street homelessness while addressing the perception of homelessness that panhandling engenders.

Of the 29 panhandlers surveyed...

  • 62% are homeless
  • 93% make $40 a day or less; 32% make less than $20
  • 97% are unemployed; 79% have been unemployed for over a year
  • 97% have health issues and/or are disabled
  • 51% have a mental illness
  • 45% are chemically dependent
  • 48% have been victims of violence
  • 76% have been panhandling for a year or more
  • 83% panhandle at least a few times a week; 48% panhandle every day
  • 71% feel neutral or less than satisfied after panhandling
  • 86% are connected to services
  • 69% have been ticketed for panhandling
  • 61% have a high school diploma

Of 114 downtown employees surveyed….

  • 23% give to panhandlers
  • 11% give to panhandlers more than “rarely”
  • 73% are aware of social services to help the homeless in their community  
  • 67% said knowing more about social services would not change their giving

Of the 114 downtown employees and 28 pedestrians surveyed…

  • 57% of those who gave feel neutral or less than satisfied after giving
  • 63% see panhandlers 4 or more times a week
  • those who give are significantly more likely to know someone who has experienced homelessness or poverty

Downtown Congregations to End Homelessness

Legislative Session Wrap Up
We did it! A historic investment: $100 million for housing! 

Thank you for your passion and compassion for families, individuals, and youth experiencing homelessness. This accomplishment shows that if we work hard and together as a community, we can make lasting change! 

Thank you for your calls, visits, emails, postcards, and all other contacts to legislators and the Governor. It is because of these thousands of contacts made by you and the people across Minnesota that there is now $100 million for housing. This bonding investment for housing is especially important now, with substantial need for affordable housing in communities large and small all across Minnesota.

In May, Governor Dayton officially signed the bonding bills passed by both the House and Senate earlier in the month. As a result of this bill: 

  • Homeless individuals and families will experience the security of stable, supportive housing.
  • Housing affordable to low income seniors, people with disabilities, families, and others will be preserved for years to come.
  • And communities hard hit by foreclosure will have additional resources.
  • In total, over 5,000 households will be impacted! 

A bipartisan group of lawmakers in both chambers championed housing in the bonding bill, along with people from over 100 organizations in the Homes for All alliance, including people of faith, teachers, mental health advocates, and local government officials as well as housing organizations.

Consider getting involved in our work, and add your voice to the interfaith efforts of justice and peace.  For more information, contact David.

West Broadway Crescent Housing Development

The Basilica has partnered with CommonBond Communities to build 55 units of supportive affordable housing on West Broadway in north Minneapolis.

The West Broadway Crescent Housing Development will consist 55 new mixed-income/workforce rental housing units for families at 1926-2022 West Broadway. 

The new housing will serve singles and families with children.  Comprehensive on-site resident services will be provided by CommonBond's Advantage Services



Ground Breaking for the West Broadway Crescent Housing Development

The Grand Opening for West Broadway Crescent will be in January 2013.

Housing development Common Bond

This partnership is made possible by the 10% tithing from The Basilica Landmark.

Families Moving Forward (FMF)

Within the local non-profit organization Families Moving Forward (FMF), a network of approximately 40 Twin Cities faith communities provide temporary, emergency shelter to families without housing. Faith communities typically host families three non-consecutive weeks each calendar year. Faith communities provide supper, evening activities, overnight accommodations, bag lunches, and breakfast to families while in the FMF program. Case workers at the FMF office work with families to locate permanent housing.

Volunteers are need for the following:

  • Provide/serve meals
  • Set up/take down sleeping rooms
  • Stay overnight with the families
  • Provide activities in the evening

For more information and to volunteer, contact Julia.

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