Basilica JustFaith Reflection:

The Basilica JustFaith team has been studying about modern slavery.

  • Did you know that slavery is still active and growing in the United States and around the world? Modern slavery is related to the size of the world population, lack of employment, vulnerability of children left homeless, the “invisibility” of its existence in the manufacturing, harvesting, prostitution and housekeeping services. A reasonable estimate of 25 – 30 million slaves of which at least 60% are women and children was described globally.

  • For more information visit:

Catholic Relief Services

International Justice Mission


JustFaith is a national program designed by JustFaith Ministries.

JustFaith is a powerful exploration of social issues and social justice.  It examines topics through the lens of Catholic social teaching and a structured curriculum that incorporates texts, videos, speakers, and immersion experiences. 

Above all, JustFaith offers a unique opportunity for faith formation through deliberate discussion around difficult – and even controversial or uncomfortable – aspects of our society and our faith.  It provides a safe, respectful, and spiritual environment for learning and better understanding those issues that we may have never considered or that have weighed heavily on our minds and hearts.

JustFaith’s topics are (in chronological order):

  • Compassion and Option for the Poor
  • Poverty at Home and Abroad
  • Identity, Systems and Structures
  • Violence, Nonviolence, and a New Way
  • Faith that Does Justice: Discerning Next Steps

JustFaith is where passion meets compassion, and discovery meets discernment.  Please consider joining us.  After all, as Frederick Buechner said, “Vocation is where our greatest passion meets the world's greatest need.”

For more information, contact Joe or Stephen.  

JustFaith Story:

“I started JustFaith to get a better sense of what social justice means in terms of our Catholic Faith, and possibly gain a little fellowship along the way.  What I have received from my JustFaith experience has been nothing short of life changing. 

What did we do in the group? We read about & discussed the various topics of social justice throughout our 8-9 months together. While I had many questions and wondered how self-conscious I might feel talking about how these issues have affected me personally, please rest assured and believe me when I tell you that these past months have been some of the most fulfilling of my faith journey.  Each of the social justice topics made me look deeper within myself and find out truly what I believe.  What I found was at times a little scary, not going to lie, but the value I’ve found in this exercise has been immeasurable, mainly because I’m still “discerning” where I’ll fit in best & will do the most good.

As you’ve heard from the pulpit, and as we talked about in JustFaith, Jesus was a Champion for the poor and taught us to also be Champions of the poor.  I feel this “call” as a sense of duty and I believe the JustFaith experience has bolstered the faith in myself to more adequately tend to this “call”.

 In peace, Bill Sharbono

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