JustFaith Begins Phase 1

The 2014-15 year of JustFaith has begun.

JustFaith is a powerful exploration of social issues and social justice.  It examines topics through the lens of Catholic social teaching and a structured curriculum that incorporates texts, videos, speakers, and immersion experiences. 

This year, we have 15 group members and have met twice in Phase 1, which is focused on Compassion and The Option for the Poor. Some insights that have surfaced include that compassion is not only about kindness and helping others. It is not about a position of advantage where you get to choose who you help and when you help and then you get to go home.

It is so much more.

It is “suffering with” the other and standing with the other as Jesus did. Compassion is not as much about helping other people as it is about the beauty you discover in the other person and what you learn from their wisdom. Check out the TED talk we heard on compassion by Krista Tippett below.

The Basilica’s session of JustFaith began in October and will run through May on Wednesday evenings. For more information for future programming, contact BillDeb or Leah



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