What is your Basilica Moment?

This past weekend, parish member Bob Kleiber shared his “Basilica moment” -- a defining moment when The Basilica became deeply and abidingly part of his spiritual journey. After their son's unexpected death at age 22, Bob and his wife Nancy found solace and comfort in The Basilica's embrace.
Basilica moments are the times in your life that The Basilica has made a difference – a lasting legacy – in your life. 

For Bob and Nancy, their Basilica moment became in invitation to become more involved and to share their time, talent and financial treasure. For them, making a Financial Stewardship pledge was a priceless opportunity to express their gratitude and to make more "Basilica moments" possible in the future.

Fr. Bauer invites you to prayerfully consider a Financial Stewardship commitment to The Basilica parish community for 2015. Your pledge of any size is a celebration of belonging. Pledge forms are in the pews, or click here to make your 2015 pledge today.


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