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Michael Jensen

Feed the Lives and Hearts of Thousands

In this season of Thanksgiving, I find it easy to prioritize The Basilica community on my “thankful for” list. When people consider the “things” they are most grateful for, “things” rarely end up on the top of the list. Instead, it is health, family, faith, friends, and community.

I’ve heard time and time again of the gratitude felt for The Basilica community. Those most inclined to share this appreciation are the ones who have moved away, or find it no longer possible to be involved with The Basilica parish.

I’ve witnessed the sadness of those who have moved away as they search for a “Basilica” experience in a new city. It is possible to take for granted what is at your fingertips. I’m reminded of the special gift of The Basilica when I read the visitor comments from our guestbook, including:

  • “Beautiful church, amazing worship”
  • “As beautiful a church as any I’ve seen in Europe”
  • “The parishioners were so very welcoming!”
  • “Thank you for allowing us to visit and pray here! May God bless the parishioners.”
  • “Thank you for opening the doors to such a blessed and calm, beautiful place,”

What we experience here isn’t easy to find, or replicate.

This unique Basilica experience is created by a diverse and rich depth of opportunities. From the grand, yet warm and inviting space we have to worship, to the way we roll up our sleeves as volunteers, to the service to our neighbors who need help—these are only a few things that make what we have here so unique and special.

When you think about your abundance and the joy you feel from the gifts you have received, how do you prioritize? What do your belongings mean to you?  

Belonging to this parish is one of the greatest gifts I have received as an adult. This belonging is one of my greatest “belongings.” When I joined, I not only joined the parish, but I joined the Catholic faith. And it was a transformative experience. Today, this belonging has evolved into our “village” to raise our family. It provides a home for our faith and brings our faith home each Sunday.  

To say I’m grateful would put it mildly. There is no value that can be placed on this community that gives so much, to so many people. When you give to The Basilica, you feed the lives and hearts of thousands of people who are inspired by the liturgies, connected through the social gatherings, and enlightened by the learning opportunities.

This “belonging” of thousands of members and visitors likely has an exponential impact in our broader community as we strive to live out stewardship in our every day.

When you support The Basilica financially, you give The Basilica vital funding for essentials like heat, lights, music, and ministries. But even more importantly, pledging gives us the opportunity to express our gratitude. If you haven’t yet made a commitment for 2015, I hope you will consider a pledge today. Pledge forms are available in the pews, or you can pledge online. Thank you for your consideration and for being a part of this community that gives so much.



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