Voices of Faith Presentation

The Basilica of Saint Mary invites you to Grill the Presenters: The Burden of Truth on Monday, November 24 at 7:00pm at Breck School.

Grill the Presenters is part of an ongoing series presented by the Minneapolis Multi-Fatih Network.

The MMN is committed to promoting all religious communities and affiliations in the downtown senior clergy network equally, within and outside of the existing network. 

The Voices of Faith Events, MMN's flagship program, features Ted-talk style speaking events. These events focus on honest appraisals of the religious tradition of the speakers, with a casual, personal and sometimes self-critiquing perspective that will be very relatable to those feeling that organized religion may not speak to them entirely.

Grill the Presenters: The Burden of Truth
Photo provided by: 
Minneapolis Multi-Faith Network

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