Basilica parishioners tour new affordable housing

Basilica parishioners toured a new affordable housing complex located off West Broadway Crescent in North Minneapolis March 22 following the 9:30am Mass.

The Basilica donated $700,000 from a recent capital campaign to help support CommonBond's iniative to build affordable housing on the north side of Minneapolis. This initial investment helped CommonBond leverage an additional $12 million to complete the facility. 

The 54-unit complex opened to residents in December and has already started a waiting list for future tenants. 

The complex will be managed by CommonBond, which is the midwest's largest nonprofit provider of affordable housing with services. Services, or better known as advantage services, can include anything from homework help to social events for residents. To learn more about their organization, visit their website. To volunteer to help at this location, contact Janice.

Below are a few pictures from the event.

Ann Ruff, CommonBond's Vice President of Resource Development, speaks to Basilica parishioners during the open house for the new CommonBond location on West Broadway Crescent in North Minneapolis.

Fr. John Bauer, pastor of The Basilica, speaks during the open house at the new CommonBond location at West Broadyway Crescent.


Basilica parishioners tour a brand new apartment located within CommonBond's newest location at West Broadway Crescent.




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