Triduum/Easter Schedule

Triduum/Easter Sunday Schedule

Holy Thursday, April 2
Noon - Midday Prayer                  
7:00pm - Celebration of the Lord’s Supper                 
9:00pm - Quiet Prayer until 10:00pm in the Choir Stalls

Good Friday, April 3
Noon - Stations of the Cross    
3:00pm - Celebration of the Lord’s Passion   
7:00pm - Tenebrae 

Holy Saturday, April 4
Noon - Midday Prayer, in the Choir Stalls
7:00pm - Celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection     
        Cathedral Choir, Organ, Flute, Brass & Timpani

Easter Sunday, April 5
7:00am - Eucharist at Sunrise
       Cantor, organ, soprano & violin
9:30am - Solemn Eucharist       
       Cathedral Choir, organ & brass
Noon - Solemn Eucharist       
       Cathedral Choir, organ & brass
4:30pm - Eucharist                    
       Mundus & Juventus
There is no 6:30pm Mass.

Additional details on all these services can be found here

Triduum/Easter schedule at The Basilica


The Basilica is beautiful! I would love to see it in person. My friend goes there and loves it very much. He prayed there for my cancer surgery. It was a sucsess thanks to those prayers.

I didn't understand the full meaning of Easter until going to the Basilica. You don't know what you're missing! ALL Christians, and just about anyone can appreciate the symbolism and power of this experience. This week: don't stay late at work, don't stay in and watch some Netflix movie, don't go to your in-laws' out of guilt-- and trust me, groceries can wait. I can boldly say that there is nothing better happening over the course of the next three days that is more significant, more inspiring, and more gorgeous in the entire state of Minnesota. So. I'll see you THERE! ~KD


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