Construction Update on the Reardon Rectory

It has been a noisy last couple of weeks at the Reardon Rectory. The construction team continues their work on the Reardon Rectory's fourth floor as well as well as installing central air conditioning and a fire suppression system throughout the building. Many of The Basilica staff have needed to get creative with their space, as much of the original office space is currently being remodeled. The staff have filled all the available nooks and crannys, with many currently residing in the basements of the rectory and the school.

Every day brings about new projects, and this week has been no exception. Iron workers have been working to install the new staircase from the third to fourth floor and are starting on a structual reinforcement for the fourth floor. The walls on the third and fourth floor have also started to be framed for new rooms and office space; once this is finished, the work on the ceiling can begin. The team continues to work on the old elevator shaft and the floor should be removed by the end of the week.

Amongst some of the bigger projects, two previously private bathrooms have been removed from the third floor, and there is a great deal of drilling and concrete removal in the basement.

We are thankful for the construction team that works diligently as we update the Reardon Rectory. 

Photo provided by: 
Mortenson Construction
Photo provided by: 
Mortenson Construction

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