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Additional Listening Devices Available

The Basilica of Saint Mary aspires to be a home of spiritual nourishment, a beacon of hope, and an advocate of change. It takes the participation of all our parishioners, visitors, and friends to make this aspiration a reality.

But sometimes, we physical barriers make it difficult to actively participated in an organization, helping toward that aspiration can prove difficult.

Therefore, in order to continue to invite of visitors into full participation in our liturgies and services, we are working hard to break down the most common barriers.

Starting this summer, The Basilica has increased its number of listening/hearing devices from 17 to 24.

You may ask an usher for assistance on obtaining a listening device. 

In order to continue to provide this service to our community, we kindly ask that the devices are returned after each service. Devices can be given to any usher on your way out of the church.




Hearing devices. This article says you have 24 devices, but I think I only saw six or eight in the cupboard this morning. And the one they gave us was broken in two ways. Batteries were dead, and one of the earpieces fell apart. You should look into “the loop“ which somehow interfaces with people’s hearing aids. The rest of your PA system is such high-quality, I am surprised that this “special needs population” seems a little bit neglected.


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