Keeping good things going strong

This fall, members of The Basilica will once again be invited to participate in our annual stewardship campaign with a pledge for 2016. Your participation, making a commitment at any level, is a way to express your investment in The Basilica, and the good that is possible in our community through the combined efforts of our parish membership.

By making a financial stewardship pledge to The Basilica, you ensure that every day, all year long, your gifts will be part of continuing the good works The Basilica does in our community. Your prayerful generosity will help us be the light of God’s love and acceptance to all those who come to our doors. Your pledge will keep The Basilica’s heat on and create a warm welcome for everyone who wants to explore, connect, worship, and give thanks. 

I’ve witnessed, time and time again, that The Basilica is a faith-filled community, continuing to demonstrate faith from works. You respond when there is a crisis, both overseas and down the street. You hand out sandwiches from our door to those in need, and shoes or backpacks for kids returning to school. You build up the faith and insights in the children in our parish so their lights might shine wherever they go. You return, Sunday after Sunday, to worship together as a community of faith, greeting visitors with a warm welcome. To me, all of these are the good that continues to inspire us, even through the ups and downs of our Catholic experience. This good hasn’t faltered. And it continues with your love, involvement, and generosity.

The good that is faith formation and education.

The good that is service and caring for those less fortunate.

The good that is found through prayer, meditation and worship.

The good that is possible through a collective volunteer effort.

Each day, you plant the seeds of your faith, and good blossoms. And all of this good today will inspire so much tomorrow, and for years to come. For more than 100 years, Basilica parishioners like you have been a part of the work The Basilica does in our community: sharing God’s love, comforting those who are marginalized, giving thanks, welcoming everyone, and demonstrating what the word “community” can and ought to mean. One can only begin to imagine the exponential impact of this generosity.

Please join us again to keep all of this good work going strong. This fall, please consider a Financial Stewardship pledge to The Basilica for 2016. Your pledge of any size will have a powerful impact—in your own life and in the life of The Basilica community. Please watch for pledge forms in your mail and in the pews, and prayerfully consider making a pledge for the coming year. Thank you for your consideration, and for being a part of this community that gives so much.



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