Celebrate Christmas at The Basilica

Christmas FAQ

If you've been to The Basilica at Christmas, you know it is a celebration you will remember forever. But we'd like to make this visit as easy as possible for you. Below are answers to a few frequently asked questions.

Q: Where can I park?

A: While there are a variety of places to park, we do recommend you plan ahead. 

  • Handicapped Parking
    • Handicapped Parking is available in the Basilica surface lot off 16th Street. There is also handicapped parking along 17th Street and in the parking lot under the freeway on the west side of the Basilica.
  • West side of The Basilica, parking lot under the freeway
    • Parking is free beginning at 2:00pm on December 24, Christmas Eve through Sunday, December 27.
  • Minneapolis Community and Technical College
    • Parking is free beginning at 2:00pm on December 24, Christmas Eve through Sunday, December 27.
    • This ramp is located at 1420 Hennepin Ave. S. The entrance to the ramp is off Laurel Avenue.
  • Streets and Surface Lots
    • Parking is free on 17th Street in designated "Basilica Parking Only" areas. All Basilica parking lots are also available for parking.

Q: Is there a Handicapped Accessible Entrance?

A: Yes. The best accessible entrance is located on the ground level of the church on the west side (click here for a picture). There is also a step free entrance on the east side of the church, however, the door is a manuel door.

Q: Do you have wheelchairs available for use?

A: Yes. Wheelchairs are available in the rear of the church at the main entrance off Hennepin Avenue.

Q: Does Midnight Mass really start at midnight?

A: Yes. Music for the midnight Mass begins at 10:30pm. Many guests and visitors come to The Basilica early to enjoy the beautiful music and decorations prior to the service.

Q: Can I hold a seat for a friend or family member?

A:  We work hard to seat all our guests inside The Basilica at Christmas. If there is additional space available for incoming guests, our ushers will seat guests on a first come, first served basis. When inside The Basilica reaches capacity, please know that we provide the hospitality of overflow seating on the lower level of The Basilica by closed circuit television.

Q: Are pictures allowed during the service?

A: We ask that you please be respectful of those around you during the Mass. Basilica staff will be documenting the service and providing images on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. If you'd like to relive your experience after the Mass, we invite you to visit us online. If, however, you do take a stunning picture before the Mass begins, please share with us online!

Q: What type of music will be offered at each Mass?

A: Please see the information below about all our services.

Thursday, December 24, The Basilica

4:00pm     Vigil Eucharist                           organ, cantor, children’s choirs
6:30pm     Vigil Eucharist                           Mundus & Juventus                                               
8:30pm     Vigil Eucharist                           organ, cantor, oboe
10:30pm   Prelude Music for Christmas    organ, harp, flute, oboe
11:00pm   Choral Music for Christmas      choir, organ, harp                                                                            
11:30pm   Vigil of Lights                           organ, cathedral choir
*Midnight   Solemn Eucharist                     organ, choir, brass, harp                                                

The Birth of the Lord
Friday, December 25, The Basilica

7:30am      Eucharist at dawn                      organ, cantor, violin, soprano soloist
*9:30am    Solemn Eucharist                       organ, choir, brass, strings
Noon         Solemn Eucharist                       organ, choir, brass, strings
4:30pm     Eucharist                                    music from around the world

*ASL Interpreted Services


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