Global Fair Trade Market

If you still have holiday shopping to do (or start!), consider joining us for the annual Global Fair Trade Market at the Basilica. The market is open on December 6 from 8:30am to 6:30pm on The Basilica's Lower Level. Below is a list of vendors who will be joining us for this great event. We hope to see you there!

  • Divas Fair Trade Fashion Accessories: selling colorful scarves, unique jewelry, handmade headbands, shoulder bags and more. Learn more here.
  • Regla De Oro Gallery:  offering handmade jewelry, vases, metal wall art, and hand painted metal work. View samples here.
  • Trade Winds: offers unique women's clothing and jewelry
  • Reflections of Asia:  feature fair trade products from South East Asia such as handmade scarves and hand bags, handmade bamboo ware and table ware from Indonesia. View beautiful samples here.
  • Tiny Tim and Friends:  provides medical, nutritional and psycho-social to vulnerable HIV+ children, adolescents and pregnant women in Zambia.  Learn more here.
  • Gary and Carrie Kemp - Guatamalan Mission:  bringing Mayan textiles and baskets
  • My Choices:  aims to reduce domestic violence in India through thousands of PeaceMakers who are a local trained women who educate and assist. The My Choices Sustainability Program offers bags, scarves, pillow covers and throw blankets made from 100% silk. Futher information here.

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