The Cross adorned with Yellow Roses

The Gift of Eternal Life

During the season of Lent we priests often help hear confessions at penance services in our respective parishes. Since I usually help at several different services, I sometimes find it expedient simply to leave my alb and stole in my car, rather than carrying them back and forth to the sacristy. While this is convenient, there is a drawback to it. Specifically, I discovered that by taking my alb to all those penance services and by keeping it in my car, and by sometimes dropping it in the parking lot on my way into a church, and by occasionally placing my shoulder bag and sundry other items on top of it, my alb easily becomes soiled and stained. As a result, one of my Lenten rituals is that sometime toward the end of Lent, I always wash my alb. I have discovered with a little bleach, my alb is restored to it pristine white color.   

Now I mention the above not only because a nice clean alb is not only a good way to end Lent, but it is also a good metaphor for me for Easter. You see, as Christians, we look to the season of Lent as a time for us to acknowledge our sins and failures and to recommit ourselves to the life of Christ that we took on through our baptism. My soiled alb always serves as a good reminder to me of my failures to live and act as a follower of Jesus. It speaks to me in a very real way of my need for Lent. Each year when I pull my nice clean alb from the washer, I am reminded of the new life Christ won for us through his death and resurrection, that is freely given to us, and that we celebrate on this great feast of Easter.  

At times it is easy for us to forget how important—how necessary—Easter is. Given this, we need to be reminded that not only does Easter celebrate Christ’s resurrection, but also it celebrates the fact that through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the promise and offer of eternal life has been given to all believers.  

Truly the gift of eternal life is a wondrous and glorious gift. It is worthy of our most heartfelt thanks, and our most glorious celebration. As we gather today on the great feast of Easter my prayer is that our celebration might be an opportunity for us to remember how important this feast is, that it might be a time for us to celebrate anew our faith in Jesus Christ, and that it might be the occasion for us to renew our hope in the promise of eternal life, which has been offered to all believers.  

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