Basilica Magazine Spring 2016 Cover crop
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Michael Jensen

Basilica Magazine Spring 2016

The Basilica of Saint Mary proudly releases the Spring 2016, Year of Mercy issue of the Basilica Magazine. 

BASILICA Magazine Spring 2016

Inside this issue:
•    Corporal Works of Mercy: Making peace in the Year of Mercy by Kelli Kester
•    Sheltering the Homeless: Meet two who really call The Basilica ‘home’ by Shane Kitzman
•    Feed the Hungry: The Basilica Meals on Wheels ministry nourishes bodies, spirits by Charlene Roemhildt
•    So They Will Not Thirst: A local family’s commitment to the Pare people of northern Tanzania by Teri Mach Ryan
•    A Renaissance of Structure and Soul: Planning The Basilica’s future by P. Joshua Hill
•    Open Wide Your Doors: The Holy Year of Mercy by Ann T. Dieman-Thornton
•    Learning and Leading: Teaching the faith year after year by Carolina Branson
•    Good Souls Working for Good Soles: The Basilica’s Shoe Ministry by Ann T. Deiman-Thornton
•    Surrounded by Those We Love Most: Comforting the sick by Stacy Glaus
•    Finding Humanity: Visiting the imprisoned for three decades by Erik Hane
•    Setting the Stage: A choir for more than just voices by Stacy Glaus
•    With Honor and Celebration: Laying the dead to rest by Shelby Andersson
•    A Renovated Rectory by Susan Hansen


The award-winning BASILICA magazine is sponsored by The Basilica Landmark, a 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission is the preservation and restoration of the historic Basilica of Saint Mary and it campus. BASILICA is published twice a year (spring and fall) with a circulation of 20,000. 

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