Iraq Family
Photo provided by: 
Mae Desaore

Welcome Family From Iraq

The second refugee family being sponsored by the Basilica and Lutheran Social Services arrived in mid-July. The family is originally from Iraq, but they had lived in a refugee camp in Turkey for the last few years. A group of parishioners from the Basilica welcomed the family and helped them get settled into their apartment in suburban Minneapolis.

The husband and wife have three elementary-school age children. While they are grateful to be in the United States, they are getting used to living in a new country. That involves finding activities to keep children occupied, making sure there is enough food in the refrigerator, and setting up television and internet at home.

The family has found a school and daycare for the children. The father is also going to the adult education center located nearby.

The Basilica will co-sponsor the family for six months. The money raised by the parish community last December will go towards helping this family with rent, groceries, and other basic expenses. A team of four volunteers from the parish will work with the family directly to help them get acclimated to living in Minnesota. The volunteers will work in conjunction with Lutheran Social Services.

If you would like to get involved with the Refugee Family Initiative, please email Janice Andersen. 


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