Interior of the Basilica dome over the sanctuary

New Light for the Historic Basilica

The Basilica Landmark’s mission is to preserve, restore, and advance the historic Basilica of Saint Mary for all generations. This mission is lived out in various ways every year on projects both big and small. Some are highly visible like the recent restoration of the St. Anthony Chapel or tuckpointing of the church exterior.  
On the other hand, some projects go unnoticed. These do not have the glitz of a restored chapel or the visibility of tuckpointing. However, after several years of significant renovations and capital investments made possible by The Basilica Landmark, I am proud to report the City of Minneapolis awarded The Basilica of Saint Mary a 2017 Building Energy Performance Award for outstanding energy reduction. By working with the Facilities Assessment and Ecological volunteer committees, we have identified slightly less visible, but extremely impactful energy savings solutions that meet our ecological goals.
Over the past three years with the help of our generous donors we have:
  •  Replaced three original 1913 boilers with new more efficient equipment.
  •  Renovated the Rectory and School buildings with central air conditioning, replacing 35 window units.
  •  Updated to LED lighting in the campus interior and exterior including the bell towers, church sanctuary, and lower level.
These improvements resulted in a 21% energy use reduction, lowering our energy costs and increasing our energy efficiency. With your help, we can continue to improve our energy reductions.
The Basilica Landmark Board has determined the “Fund-a-Need” program at this year’s Basilica Landmark Ball will support converting interior dome lighting to responsible LED lighting. Existing power loads at full intensity utilize 29,000 watts. During one hour of Mass, they cost $2.90. With the same light output, the new LED power load will use approximately 5,220 watts and cost $0.52. Not only will this project reduce our energy use by 82%, it will also provide significant cost savings that can be reinvested in programs and ministries.
We hope you will consider supporting the “Fund-a-Need” program by joining us for an evening of illuminating power at The Basilica Landmark Ball on May 5, 2018, at the Solar Arts Building. It promises to be a wonderful evening of dinner, dancing, and amusements for a wonderful cause. 
If you would like to support the “Fund-a-Need” project for this year’s event but are unable to attend, you can do so online or contact Monica Stewart. Your gift will ensure a future of sustaining power for the people and the purpose we serve.
Help us illuminate the mission of The Basilica Landmark as we transform our interior dome lighting to LEDs—offering our historic space a life-sustaining future for the people and purpose we serve. To purchase tickets, visit

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