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Weather Cancellations and Delays

Sunday, April 15


- Children’s and Cherub choirs for 11:30am Mass

- Children’s and Youth Ministry 

- MN Sinfonia Concert


Saturday, April 14

The Archdiocesan Confirmation scheduled for April 14 has been cancelled. Participating churches will be rescheduled and questions should be directed directly to the individual parishes.

St. Vincent de Paul Outreach Ministry is cancelled for Saturday morning, April 14.

The Engaged Couples Retreat from 1pm - 5pm has been cancelled. The Marriage office will be forthcoming with alternatives.

The Downtown Festival rehearsal at Westminster Presbyterian Church to take place on Saturday morning, April 14 has been rescheduled for Sunday, April 15 at 5pm. It will still take place at Westminster.



Early morning worship & adult choir needs to be cancelled for the safety of your worshipers. The winds will be at 35 mph sustained thru 10am; snow will fall at a rare of 1"/2 hrs thru mid-afternoon.

Reduce AM Masses to reduce traffic & folks attempting to get in against 20" of snow measured in S Mpls/Edina, 15" Airport and N Mpls with add'l 4"-6" overnight and 4" daytime until end of storm.

Cities have been pulling plows to give drivers rest as winds & snows pick up again after 1 am. (In a short gasp now).

No unnecessary traveL recommended THRU SUNDAY NOON from MNDOT & NWS


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