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BASILICA Magazine: 150th Commemorative Celebration

The new edition of the BASILICA Magazine is a commemorative issue celebrating the 150th anniversary of the parish. Thank you to the dedicated volunteer team who created the special issue.


BASILICA Magazine 150 Cover
Cover: From the “shed church” to today.















Inside this issue:

Reflections to Commemorate the Parish’s 150th Anniversary

PDF icon Life in 1868
Looking Back 150 Years Ago

PDF icon A Parish of Immigrants
A 150 year journey continues

PDF icon The Basilica’s Founding Families
Building the Parish 150 years ago

PDF icon Meeting the Needs of the Community for 150 Years
Volunteers then and now

PDF icon Carrying on a Basilica Tradition
Multi-generational families committed to service

PDF icon Voices from Our Community
Local civic and faith leaders share their thoughts on this historic anniversary


PDF icon Celebrating 150 Faces of the Parish
Telling the stories of our founders

The award-winning BASILICA magazine is sponsored by The Basilica Landmark, a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to preserve, restore, and advance the historic Basilica of Saint Mary for all generations. 

BASILICA is published twice a year (spring and fall) with a circulation of 20,000. 
For advertising information please contact Liz Legatt.



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