Ponnusamy family 2018
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Mae Desaire

A Parish of Immigrants

“The people at The Basilica make us feel like we are one family.”

Stories from immigrant members of our community in the recent issue of the BASILICA magazine. 


A Parish of Immigrants

Over the last 150 years

When the seeds of The Basilica parish were planted in 1868, Minnesota was in its infancy, becoming the 32nd state in 1858. In the many decades that followed, tens of thousands of immigrants flocked to the state from across Europe pursuing a better (albeit colder) life.

Today, Minnesota’s story is not dissimilar. According to US Census data and refugee-support agencies, our state has the highest number of refugees per capita nationwide. While Minnesota has just two percent of the US population, it has 13 percent of its refugees.  Our history calls The Basilica community to respond our brothers and sisters in need...


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