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Our Basilica Community

Summer in Minnesota is fleeting at best, which is why like most Minnesotans, my husband, daughter, and I, try to take advantage of the warm weather for as long as we have it. The routine we have established the rest of the year, including weekly Mass, is sometimes missed to enjoy as much of summer as we can before the snow flies again. 

My grandmother use to say that going to Mass on Sunday was like hitting the reset button. With thirteen children at home, a farm to tend to, and my grandfather driving a semi truck cross country, I am sure there were plenty of times when a reset button couldn’t come quickly enough. 

As with many things my grandmother told me over the years, I found this statement to ring true especially recently as summer comes to a close and I find myself craving the routine of weekly Mass. 
Probably even more than the routine I miss The Basilica community. A community that reminds me that although we are all on own unique faith journeys, at The Basilica our community is here to share welcome and encouragement, the sign of peace, and ultimately a shared hope for a vibrant faith community and a future full of hope. 

For the better part of the last decade, The Basilica community has provided this gentle reminder to me often, and time and time again it has helped me hit the helped me hit the reset button.

I have seen our community come together to celebrate joyous moments of baptisms and weddings and difficult movements of loss and grief. I am reminded of daily when a volunteer simply listens to someone who come to our door and need someone to talk to. I am reminded of it often by my fellow staff members who tirelessly provide comfort for those experiencing loss and sadness. I have seen volunteers spend hours counseling individuals in our employment ministry for weeks and months until they have found jobs. 

The Basilica’s valuable work in our community is possible thanks to parishioners of every age who have pitched in. These moments along with essentials like heat, lights, ministries and music and so many more are not possible without each and every Basilica Fund gift we receive. Because when our community comes together so much is possible! 

I hope you will consider a 2020 recurring gift to The Basilica Fund today. You can make your gift online, fill out a recurring gift form and mail it in, or bring it to Mass the weekend of October 12 and 13. You may also contact Stephanie Bielmas for answers to any questions you may have about supporting The Basilica.

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