Lenten banners hung above sanctuary

3rd Sunday of Lent Mass Recorded Live



Thank you for joining us online for the 3rd Sunday of Lent. Please pray for the healing and protection of all affected by the Coronavirus. Please consider supporting our important work in the community at www.mary.org/donate.

Thank you very much, Fr. John, for having this broadcast available to many of us who did not feel it wise to worship with our own parish this Sunday. We appreciate this offering. Also, it encouraged me to read your blog post and explore your website. Thanks for helping me feel connected. Maybe it helped that I knew you from Lumen Christi. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for providing this vital resource for us, Father John, along with the other blogs and resources posted on the website. They provide us connection with our God and each other that is life giving, consolation in a time of desolation, trust instead of fear, and hope....always hope. Know that you and the staff are in our prayers. Be safe, be well.


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