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4th Sunday of Lent Mass Recorded Live



Thank you for joining us online for the 4th Sunday of Lent. Please pray for the healing and protection of all affected by the Coronavirus. Please consider supporting our important work in the community at

Thank you all so very much.
Father Bauer, Father Tasto, Johan, Cathy E., Terri Larson and her beautiful choir.

And to you, Mae, as well.

God bless you all!

On this Laetare Sunday as Easter is within our sight, we see the time when we will again gather together for worship.

We are so pleased you are doing this. It is such a blessing. The Basilica 9:30 Mass is one of the finest, if not the finest, Mass in the nation. Always an moving spiritual experience. It brought tears to my eyes at the close to see the sanctuary empty knowing there is usually near capacity attendance. By the grace of God this too share pass.

Two suggestions would be, if possible, to patch in the Basilica's audio system into the stream which would provide clearer audio. Also, if the recording could be done in landscape rather than portrait mode for those of us watching on our computers.

I would encourage you to do this on a continuing basis as it is a tremendous outreach for the Basilica.

God Bless,

Richard and Judy Nordvold
Sun City, AZ


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