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Our Faith Community: A Message from Fr. Bauer


I hope this message finds you and your family continuing to stay well during these challenging times.

Please join us for the livestream of our daily Masses at Noon and Sundays at 9:30am.

We have been informed that The Basilica will receive a Payroll Protection Loan to continue our vital operations during this challenging time. 

Thank you to all of you who have continued to financially support The Basilica. Please know of my great gratitude for your generosity. If you find yourself needing financial support, we invite you to connect with our St. Vincent de Paul Ministry. 

We are beginning to work on plans for a gradual re-opening of The Basilica. We will follow all State health and safety regulations, as well as directives from our Archdiocese to keep everyone safe. 

Please look for our Domestic Church Resource packet later this week. It will be available on our website and sent out via email. 

Join us next Wednesday at 9:00am for Zoom Coffee and Conversation. 


To you, O Blessed Joseph, do we come in our tribulation, and having implored the help of your most holy Spouse, we confidently invoke your patronage also.

Through that charity which bound you to the Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God, and through the paternal love with which you embraced the Child Jesus, we humbly beg you graciously to regard the inheritance which Jesus Christ has purchased by His Blood, and with your power and strength to aid us in our necessities.

O most watchful Guardian of the Holy Family, defend the chosen children of Jesus Christ. 

O most loving father, ward off from us every contagion of error and corruption influence.

O our most mighty protector, be kind to us and from heaven, assist us in our struggle with the power of darkness. 

As once you rescued the Child Jesus from deadly peril, so now protect God’s Holy Church from snares of the enemy and from all adversity; shield, too, each one of us by your constant protection, so that supported by your example and your aid, we may be able to live piously, to die in holiness, and to obtain eternal happiness in heaven. 


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