Taizé Prayer: Recorded Live


May is Mental Health Awareness Month and for most of us our mental health is very fragile right now. It’s not surprising to feel sad, stressed, and anxious. We may have all lost our sense or feeling of control over our day and planning for the near future. Tonight’s Taizé Prayer has a special focus during this month of awareness. Calm yourself and utilize the resources on your screen or within the worship aid, if needed. The following Mental Health Resources are all affiliated with The Basilica of Saint Mary: The Basilica of Saint Mary Mental Health Ministry Contact: Janet Grove, 612.317.3508 or jgrove@mary.org Mental Health Connect 612.312.3377, www.mhconnect.org NAMI-MN (National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota) 651.645.2948, www.namimn.org Westminster Counseling Center 612.332.7743, www.westminstercounseling.org


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