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Grief in Our City: Can We Talk? Recorded Zoom Forum

Grief in Our City: Can We Talk? 

Recorded Zoom Forum
Saturday, June 27, 2020 
We are only six months into the year 2020, and we have all been stretched emotionally: We are challenged to deal with the effects of a global pandemic and struggle to find solid ground after the unbearable murder of George Floyd and the subsequent unrest and global action. This is added to the grief we all normally experience from the sickness and loss of family members, friends and neighbors.
The staff at The Basilica has had many conversations with parishioners and community members about emotional impact of these extraordinary times.  
During this forum, we explored the role of grief in our lives individually and collectively. So much in our world has been uprooted, lost, turned upside down and taken away. 
We are grateful for all who joined us in this conversation—and we’re especially grateful for our presenters Jenny Schroedel, Don Samuels and Mara Stolee.
About our presenters:
• Jenny Schroedel: Hospice chaplain with Optage Presbyterian Homes & Services
• Don Samuels: former City Council member and respected leader in North Minneapolis
• Mara Stolee: Basilica of Saint Mary parishioner and resident of North Minneapolis
Jenny Schroedel
Don Samuels
Mara Stolee
Mara Stolee
For more information about Basilica grief services.

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