We Welcome You

During the course of the past six months, the staff at The Basilica of Saint Mary has learned to adapt, adjust and pivot. Each of us has been challenged by Father Bauer to be flexible, patient, and resilient as we take on new responsibilities and develop new ways to deliver our programs, ministries and Masses. We have shifted to Google classrooms, Zoom meetings and virtual events to stay connected and to serve the parish. Twenty-two staff members have learned how to support our new livestreaming capability and help deliver six livestreamed Masses per week in addition to streaming prayer services, weddings, and funerals. While we cannot gather together like usual, the vibrant parish you know and love has adapted to current circumstances and continues to deliver on its mission.

In many ways, our coordinated efforts to face the challenges of 2020 have made us more grateful and appreciative of one another, our community, and our commitment to serve the parish and the greater good. We are keenly aware of the simple and ordinary interactions that we used to take for granted and can appreciate their value more than ever before. Staying connected to one another and participating in meaningful fellowship has never been more important. We cherish each new opportunity to worship together while serving and caring for our parish community.

Most of all, we are grateful for you and your support of The Basilica Fund. In fact, none of our daily work would be possible without your financial contributions to The Basilica Fund which provides 79% of our annual operating budget. When you make a gift to The Basilica Fund you directly impact every aspect of parish life. You provide opportunities for community members to replace a lost job, for students to continue their faith formation, for young adults to connect with their peers, and for our Masses and sacraments to continue. Your generosity directly touches the lives and experience of our entire parish on a daily basis. 

This year, we encourage you to adapt, adjust, and pivot your support of The Basilica by making a recurring gift commitment to The Basilica Fund online at www.mary.org/give. An electronic recurring gift lowers our administrative costs and enables your gift to go further. When you take the time to inform us of your giving plan for 2021, you also provide the parish with the most financial stability and the ability to make informed budget decisions throughout the year. 

Please sustain our mission and renew or establish your recurring gift to The Basilica Fund today. You can make your gift online at www.mary.org/give. You may also contact Stephanie Bielmas at sbielmas@mary.org or at 612.317.3472 for answers to any questions you may have about supporting The Basilica of Saint Mary.

We offer you our heartfelt gratitude for your generous and faithful support during these challenging times.


Anne Kane
Development Officer
Interim Director of Development
The Basilica of Saint Mary



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