View of the Basilica nave and sanctuary

Our Spiritual Home

In 2015 my husband David and I relocated to Minneapolis from Washington D.C. In our search for a new parish, we visited The Basilica for mass. The processional included a beautiful collection of iconography accompanied by the Cathedral Choir's singing of John Tavener's Song for Athene. Then the celebrant began with; "wherever you are in your faith journey, you are welcome here." We looked at each other and shared a common understanding: this was our new spiritual home.

Not long after becoming parish members, we both had the opportunity to serve in ministry leadership roles – David as a section leader in the Cathedral Choir, and I as a member of the Parish Council. It made an impression that we as new members were invited to engage in shaping our work as a parish community - whether through a musical performance or a new strategic plan. 

We support The Basilica because we believe in its vision to be a home of spiritual nourishment, a beacon of hope, and an advocate for change. We see this vision lived out in the parish, in our community and in our own lives. As parishioners, we want to play an active role in bringing the Basilica's vision to life, and parish service is an important part of that.

The Parish Council serves an important role as part of our Basilica community: It is a collaborative group of 15 volunteer representatives who bring a wide array of perspectives and experiences from ministry areas across the Parish to advise and support the Pastor and staff in realizing the Basilica’s vision and mission. The Basilica's Our Parish, Our Future strategic plan is a great example of the type of impact that comes from this collaboration between Basilica leadership and staff, Parish Council members, and volunteers.

Parish Council elections will take place in May of this year, with nominations due by April 15. This year there are two open positions: one to represent the Learning department, and one to represent the Christian Life department. 

Parish Council service has had a meaningful impact on my own faith life and allowed me to positively impact our parish community. I encourage you to consider service as a lay leader, or to nominate a fellow parishioner for Parish Council service. I also encourage all parishioners to vote in our Parish Council elections. These volunteer positions make a meaningful impact in our parish community, and your voice is important. 

I would be delighted to connect with you or someone you know who would like to explore Parish Council service. Please reach out to me through the link at
I look forward to hearing from you!

Important Information & Dates:
April 15: Deadline for Nominations
Send nomination 
Nomination form: 

May 26 – June 7: Elections - voting available online or during mass

Katelin Richter Davis
Secretary, Parish Council


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