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Message from Fr Bauer: We Welcome You


Basilica Community,

I hope this message finds you and your family continuing to stay well during these challenging times.

Today I have four things I would like to mention. First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for your ongoing financial support for The Basilica. Your financial support enables us to continue to offer the many ministries, services and programs that are at the heart of our Basilica community. As your pastor, I want to thank you for your ongoing generosity. Please know it is greatly appreciated.

Second, I want to let you know about a couple of capital improvement projects that will be taking place this summer at The Basilica. The first is that we will once again be tuck pointing the western exterior walls of The Basilica. This will probably be an on-going project for the next few years, as we remove the old mortar from between the stones and replace it with new mortar. The new mortar will help keep water from penetrating into the interior of The Basilica. 

The second major project will be the water proofing of the basement rooms in our school building. Water penetration has been an issue in the school basement for several years. We hope our work this summer will finally solve this problem. Both of these projects are being funded by The Basilica Landmark

Third, as I’m recording this greeting, there are news reports that Governor Walz will announce the relaxation of some of the current restrictions for public activities. We will certainly review any revisions to the guidelines for public activities. At this time, however, we anticipate maintaining our check-in protocols for the foreseeable future. 

If you are planning to attend any liturgies at The Basilica in the next few weeks, we ask you to pre-register via our website, and enter through the doors on the ground level on the western side of The Basilica. Pre-registration makes the check-in process much faster. Additionally, in the unlikely event that someone who attended one of our liturgies, is diagnosed with the Covid virus, we will be able to contact people and inform you of this. As always, if you are not able, or don’t feel comfortable joining us in-person for any of our liturgies, we invite you join them via our livestream. 

Finally, I invite you to join us for Zoom Coffee and Conversation next Wednesday at 9:00am. Michael Reinhardt, one of our parishioners will join us. Michael will be ordained a priest for our Archdiocese on Saturday May 29 and will say his first Mass here at The Basilica on Sunday May 33. He will share his faith journey with us from becoming a Catholic to his decision to enter the seminary. You can find the link for this Zoom conversation on our website. 

Let me close today in prayer. 


Loving God we ask you:

Help us: That we might be grateful for what we have, and not focus on what we don’t have or have lost.

Strengthen us: That we might not feel discouraged or overwhelmed. 

Embrace us: That we might know your loving presence within us, around us and among us. 

Walk with us: That we might bring your love and carry your light into our world.

Stay with us: That we might know your peace and consolation. 

Complete us: That we might come to know the fullness of your love in eternal life. 

We ask all of this through Christ our Lord.


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