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A message from Fr. Bauer: Moving Forward



Basilica Community,

I hope this message finds you and your family continuing to stay well during these challenging times.

Today I want to talk with you about the decision by the city of Minneapolis to drop its mask mandate and what this decision will mean for us at The Basilica. First, this decision came as a surprise. I expected the mask mandate to be in place for a few more weeks.

However, since the mask mandate has been dropped, trying to continue to enforce it at The Basilica would put our staff and volunteers in a very difficult position. Given this, we will no longer require masks for people who attend services at The Basilica.

We will also no longer ask people to pre-register to attend services at The Basilica. We will, however, strongly encourage people to wear masks while attending services here. And we will continue to ask people to maintain social distancing. Finally, at least for now, we will also keep every-other pew taped off.

I have discussed these changes with our staff and I believe they will continue to ensure the safety and well being of our staff, our volunteers, and those who come to The Basilica, while at the same time helping us return to a new normal.

On a related note, as I have mentioned previously, beginning the first weekend in July we will resume our 5:00pm Mass on Saturday and 7:30am Mass on Sunday morning. Additionally, we will eliminate the 6:30pm Mass on Sunday and change the time of the Sunday afternoon Mass from 4:30 to 5:00pm.

As always, if you are not able, or don’t feel comfortable joining us in-person for any of our liturgies, we invite you join them via our livestream. I will continue to try to keep you informed as we move forward into our new normal.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes I invite you to contact me at the parish office. My contact information is available on our parish website.

Let me close today in prayer. 


Lord, Father of our human family, you created all human beings equal in dignity;

Pour forth into our hearts a fraternal spirit and inspire in us a dream of renewal, encounter, dialogue, justice and peace.

Move us to create healthier societies and ma more dignified world; a world without hunger, poverty, violence and war.

May our hearts be open to all the peoples and nations of the earth.

May we recognize the goodness and beauty that you have sown in each of us, and thus forge bonds of unity, common projects, and shared dreams. Amen 

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