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What is a Parish?

Hello! My name is Katelin, and I am honored to serve as Chair of the Basilica’s Parish Council this year. I hope you are having a healthy and happy start to the fall season.

Today I am writing to you about the Basilica Fund fall appeal. 

Sitting down to write this message, I asked myself, “What is a parish?”

Here’s my answer: It is people. It is a community. It is a gathering space. It is a place of solace. A place of celebration. A circle of support when times are tough. A quiet place. A place to grow. A place to find joy. A place to be inspired.

What does it mean to you?
The sum of all of these, I believe, is the spirit of our parish. And despite this challenging time, the spirit of our parish remains strong.

It remains strong because of our faith. Because of our prayer. Because of our care for one another and our community. Because of our wonderful staff and volunteers.

And also because of our support. In fact, 94% of the parish’s operating costs are supported by the Basilica Fund. Think about that—94%. Just about everything.

The Basilica has weathered the pandemic in no small part due to the continued support of our parish community. Today I hope you’ll join me in pledging your support to the Basilica Fund. Your gift of any size is important and helps to sustain the people, place and programs that bring the spirit of our parish to life. 

Thank you for your consideration and generosity. Visit to pledge with me today.




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