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3 New Year’s Resolutions to Consider

Happy new year! I pray that this new year is a healthy, safe and productive one for all of us.

As we begin 2022, I’m writing to ask your consideration of three New Year’s resolutions as a member of our Basilica community.

1. Share gratitude for each other. The last two years have presented significant challenges for all members of our community. This pandemic has required us to stretch ourselves when we are already stretched thin, to keep showing up even when the going is tough, and often to be apart from those we hold dear. Despite these challenges, the spirit of our parish remains strong: We have been able to gather for beautiful liturgies — and even more members of our community gained critical access to Mass via our new live-streaming program; We’ve come together for meaningful programs and events; provided support to those in need; advocated for change in our community; implemented a strategic plan….and so much more.

This sense of community has been so important during this time of separation. I am grateful for you, our Basilica community. In particular I want to express gratitude for The Basilica staff, and encourage you to do the same! They have made everything possible, and it is a testament to their resilience, dedication and adaptability. Please take a moment to thank a staff member when you see them at Mass, to drop a comment in the livestream chat, or to send a note of gratitude at mary.org/staff.

2. Protect those most vulnerable among us. The ever-shifting landscape of the pandemic requires us all to pitch in to protect those most vulnerable among us. Once again this requires us to mask up at Mass. When attending Basilica services or events in-person, please wear your mask not only to aid The Basilica in its compliance with public safety requirements, but also as an expression of care for those most vulnerable in our community. It is our mission to be a home of spiritual nourishment — and masking up helps all members of our community feel safe so they can come home to The Basilica.

3. Pledge your support. This January, I hope you’ll make a new year’s resolution to support The Basilica Fund with a monthly recurring donation. These donations sustain our mission, allow us to provide critical support to those in need, and maintain our wonderful professional staff who make our mission and vision come to life. Recurring donations are one of the most effective ways to support The Basilica because they are reliable, and during this tumultuous time, allow The Basilica to forecast with greater certainty. Because monthly recurring gifts continue indefinitely until you cancel, they are also one of the most reliable new year’s resolutions one could make! (I feel very confident my monthly recurring gift will outlast my new daily workout routine…)

Please take action now to support the community and work you care about. If you already support The Basilica with a recurring gift, please consider an increased monthly amount. Your support is vital, and gifts of all sizes make a difference! Join me in making this new year’s resolution by initiating your gift at mary.org/give before January 31.


Katelin Richter Davis
Chair, Parish Council
The Basilica of Saint Mary




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