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Small Faith Communities: Starting Soon

Occasionally or even often, when I am reading or listening to the radio or a podcast, I am intrigued or challenged; I learn something or perhaps question what I presumed I knew. The limit though is, I just listen, just take it in, through my own lens; sitting in my car, or listening on my walk; there is no follow up to it, no other perspectives than that of the speaker. If I am listening with someone else, I learn more, reflect more, remember more. If something really impresses or intrigues me; if I think something is consequential or perhaps wrong, sharing it, getting another perspective, really peeling it apart, helps me immensely.

This is also very true for my spiritual journey. I do need time in quiet prayer. And I need time in community. I have found there are so many resources available, so many gifted and intelligent people in our Basilica community, many on our staff. A few small groups have been meeting for years through book clubs, Bible study, Ministry groups, and prayer groups. It is though a relatively small number of people in a very large community.

Forced through the necessary practices employed during the Covid pandemic we have learned many things, among them, we need each other, we need community, we long for meaningful interaction.


Small faith communities are relational groups that gather regularly to pray, learn, reflect and share faith.

The Basilica is inviting more of us to give Small faith communities a try. We have already a growing library of topics and resources, based on interest more will be added. Here are a few to consider as we begin.

Reading the Gospels with the Church: From Christmas through Lent by Raymond E Brown

On Retreat with Henri Nouwen: Engaging Life’s Big Questions

Commonweal Conversation Starter Series Mental Health and Solidarity

Liturgy of the Ordinary: sacred practices in everyday life by Tish Harrison Warren

In This Together Film series, 5 films on Loving Our Way Forward” The Work of The People


Our Basilica small faith communities may meet in homes, on campus and/or remotely. We can set up demographic specific groups of neighbors, parents, retired persons, and random groups based on schedules. You may have an existing group or an idea of one, you may be ready to meet new people or both.   

In an Encyclical Letter, Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis speaks of Fraternity. “Fraternity between all men and women…here we have a splendid secret that shows us how to dream and to turn our life into a wonderful adventure. No one can face life in isolation… We need a community that supports and helps us, in which we can help one another to keep looking ahead. How important it is to dream together…By ourselves, we risk seeing mirages, things that are not there. Dreams on the other hand are built together.”  

For more information on joining, hosting, or facilitating a Small Faith Community, contact Cathy Edwards at, or call the Learning Office at 612.317.3414.


Information Sessions

Please register

Sunday, January 23

Small Faith Communities: In-Person 10:45am

Small Faith Communities: ZOOM 1:00pm





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