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Message from Fr. Bauer: Special Announcement

Message from Fr. Bauer_ Special Announcement



Greetings once again from The Basilica of Saint Mary. I hope this message finds you and your family continuing to stay well during these challenging times. 

Today I have some important personal news to share with you. After 15 years, I will be retiring as pastor of The Basilica of Saint Mary at the end of June. On July 1st I will become pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes parish

Following me as Pastor and Rector of The Basilica of Saint Mary will be Fr. Dan Griffith, the current pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes. Fr. Griffith is also on the faculty of the University of St. Thomas School of Law and serves as the Wenger Family Faculty Fellow of Law. Additionally, Fr. Griffith is the founding director of the Initiative on Restorative Justice and Healing (IRJH). 

While I am extremely sad to be leaving The Basilica, I am incredibly excited that Fr. Griffith will be the next pastor of The Basilica. He has a pastor’s heart and has a vision for what a parish can and should be. He is a good man, a good priest, and a good pastor. The Basilica will be blessed to have him as Pastor and Rector. 

This change in assignment was at my initiative. I will be 71 years old in June. This past year I came to the realization that I don’t have the energy that is necessary to continue to help move The Basilica forward, most specifically in implementing our Strategic Plan and the Master Plan for our parish. 

I believe that Fr. Griffith has this energy and understands and shares the vision of our Basilica community. With the prayers and support of our staff, leadership, and The Basilica community, I believe Fr. Griffith will lead The Basilica into a future full of hope. 

I will share more information about this change in the coming weeks. I wanted you to know about it now, though, and I ask your prayers as we move forward as a community of faith. 

As always, I would like to close today with a prayer. 

Loving God, we give all our cares and concerns to you this day.

I know you will provide us with everything we need and that you know all our needs, before a payer is ever on my lips. 

Thank you for your abiding presence and your divine providence in this new beginning. Help us to trust that your grace will be with us as we step into this new beginning. 

Help us always to rely on the riches of your love and your grace to provide for all that we need. 

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen




God bless you Father John Bauer.


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