Volunteer Appreciation Week 2022



This morning when the skies over Minneapolis are somehow grey and my heart is being heavy and burdened by a personal dilemma, watching this well-prepared video did lift my spirits and brought the memory back of feeling so joyful when recently I had a privilege of being a part of an Easter Wreath decorating team here at the HOLY OF THE HOLIES - THE BASILICA OF ST MARY! I surely enjoyed every minute of doing this sacred and artful work: got to decorate a solemn wreath over the cross with carefully put-together by other volunteers individual and so beautiful miniature bouquets of three kinds of flowers: a yellow rose, a snow-drop like and a purple one. I still sense the tender HEALING aroma of the live roses ( so many-many of them!) I tried to catch up and keeping it symmetrical on my side with David's professional weaving in of these rose mini-bouquettes into an extremely tight woven reverse side of the bay-leaves wreath... got quite sweaty too extending my arms up trying to tie-in and being on a ladder every time being one step higher to reach out the areas on a suspended cross and a wreath at this time. And I did it!!! Thank you, Wendy, WHOLEHEARTEDLY for sending out an email-invitation to take part in this sacred mission. I am so glad that I did confirm my participation and did show up on a Saturday pre-Easter morning! Now thinking of my so meaningful volunteering experience does fill my heart with hope and lifts my spirit up over a heaviness... and I look forward to many more opportunities to be of help and be in rejuvenating community with kindred souls... In humbleness, Aksana of Minneapolis...


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