BASILICA Magazine Summer 2022 cover

BASILICA Magazine Summer 2022


BASILICA Magazine Summer 2022 cover



BASILICA Magazine Summer 2022

Our Basilica Community: Moving forward in hope

About the Cover: Sprinkle of Life, by Charles Caldwell, on display at The Basilica September 1 -October 30.


Inside this issue

by Elyse Rethlake

A New Parish Trustee

by Mae Desaire

by Katelin Richter Davis

by Fr. Daniel Griffith

Welcome New Basilica staff members
by Melissa Streit


Introduction by Rachel Newman Hogness


by Wendy Cichanski Caduff


The 2022 Landmark SPARK

Back in full color


Thank you to the dedicated team of volunteers who work to create this publication.  

The award-winning BASILICA magazine is sponsored by The Basilica Landmark, a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to preserve, restore, and advance the historic Basilica of Saint Mary for all generations.


Each issue includes in-depth features about the people, art, history, and spirituality that make The Basilica a vibrant community.

BASILICA is published twice a year with a circulation of 15,000.

For advertising information please contact Carla Piazza Marchio.




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