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Volunteers Empower Every Ministry

My son started eighth grade a few weeks ago. Like all students, his school life was halted by the pandemic. Activities, sports, and even just spending time with friends became challenging at a critical time in his social and emotional development. He now seems a bit reluctant and has asked more than once, “Can’t we just Zoom it?”

Thankfully many schools are returning to a more normal routine this year, but it causes me to wonder what normal even is. After over two years, our lives and habits have changed, perhaps in ways we don’t even fully realize yet. I have tried to intentionally prioritize our recommitments over the past year, balancing our needs for health and safety with our needs for community and relationship.

My family recommitted quickly and wholeheartedly to The Basilica. Our volunteer roles here are fulfilling, we know we’re needed, and we feel an even deeper sense of belonging and purpose as the parish community rebuilds post-pandemic. We came back as soon as The Basilica re-opened to greet people at Mass, as perhaps it was the only in-person social contact some people would have all week. My son and I learned how to livestream liturgies so people could participate remotely. We pick up doughnuts on Saturdays, knowing how much people enjoy the fellowship and sweets after Mass.

Despite the challenges of these times, we are more committed than ever to The Basilica's mission to be a welcoming and inclusive community united by God's grace on a shared journey of faith. We are a community; we live out our Christian discipleship together through worship and a wide variety of ministries. The Basilica has an important role in the life of our hurting city.

Volunteers empower and invigorate every Basilica ministry at all levels. The Basilica’s programs, ministries and outreach are more fruitful and impactful due to the dedicated support of our volunteers. But we always need more. Not just to strengthen and grow our ministries, but to also deepen your Christian discipleship. “Christ has no body but yours. No hands, no feet on earth but yours…Christ has no body now on earth but yours.” Teresa of Avila

We have over 120 different volunteer ministries at The Basilica, so there is truly something for everyone. Please contact me at mstreit@mary.org or 612.317.3417 or find me at the back of church after Mass to discuss how you can be more involved at The Basilica.



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