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Support our St. Vincent de Paul Ministries

 Support our St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Ministries 

“Mary” is a student in our Basilica mentoring program with Minneapolis College. Persevering against great odds, she is committed to her education while working fulltime to meet the needs of her family. She faced a crisis when her funds went to repair the car she needs daily to shuttle between childcare, work, and classes at Minneapolis College. The Basilica’s SVdP Ministry was able to provide one-time rent assistance to keep “Mary” and her family securely housed.

Preventing homelessness is a first and important step to ending homelessness. When you are one-crisis away from homelessness, there is constant stress. The Basilica’s SVdP can support our neighbors, ensuring they are not alone.

Your donation can help families like “Mary’s”—working hard to move out of poverty. 100% of your donation goes directly to support people in need.


You can make your gift online at or by check with SVdP in the memo line.



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