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A year like no other… How many times have we explained or complained with that mantra during our COVID-19 pandemic. For many months, almost no one set foot in The Basilica or indeed on the campus. So many things have been so very different from the hospitality this community prayerfully endeavored to live out since March of 2020. With all this change though, some things, in their essence, stayed the same. The little things changed of course and at the time, many seemed big rather than little. The big things though, they found a way; and with or without open doors in the beautiful Basilica building, lived on, the important work carried on. 

As just one example, we still welcomed people into The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. We still invited each person to have a sponsor to walk with them albeit virtually, during the year. The community still prayed for each person, still welcomed and elected them through Rites we have celebrated for a very long time. And on Holy Saturday, several of them were Baptized, Confirmed, and received their First Eucharist. At the Solemnity of Pentecost, many Candidates will be Confirmed and receive their First Eucharist. 

Following, is what many of the Candidates had to say about RCIA during the pandemic.


What has changed in your life?

“My attitude has changed, I’ve experienced a conversion of heart. I recognize a big change in myself and my relationship with God.” 

“My relationship with God has changed, I have grown closer to Him. I’m excited about a lifelong spiritual journey with Christ.” 

“I feel the RCIA experience has opened up my mind and heart to the mystery of faith and the beauty of the Catholic Church. The Sacraments have become more meaningful, the liturgical calendar has become meaningful. I accept more on faith.”

“I have gained a greater appreciation for the Catholic Eucharist as a thanksgiving to God. I have found the services to be deeply spiritual and meaningful.”

“Praying has become a habit and has become more meaningful.”


In what ways have you experienced conversion?

“I have become more aware of the messaging and awareness of miracles and the possibility of miracles.”

“Many of Johan’s lectures helped me see things with new eyes and renewed heart.”

“I feel my heart and soul have been transformed. I feel calm, settled and at peace, yet excited for the future in my faith life and how I can get involved and make a difference.”

Certainly, as with all our ministries and most everyone’s lives, there were challenges and disappointments. We streamed the Sunday Liturgies, we Zoomed our sessions and retreats. It was challenging for new seekers, to really feel a part of this great community. However, offering no disappointment, the Holy Spirit was present and powerful. We have many newly initiated members of The Basilica, ready to live a life of discipleship, hopefully very soon, on our campus. 


Noon Mass

From Archbishop Bernard A. Hebda  

 I offer my condolences to the family and friends of Daunte Wright for the loss of their son, father, brother and friend. I have also been praying for his eternal repose, for his family and for all those who loved him. Daunte was created by God in his image and likeness and for a “definite purpose,” as St. John Henry Newman wrote, and we grieve the loss of his young life.

 I also am praying for the Brooklyn Center Police officer involved in the shooting, and for her family and friends. I suspect that they are grieving in a different way.

 While early indications point towards the shooting being accidental, I encourage allowing investigators from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to complete a thorough investigation before coming to any personal judgments as to what occurred. I hope that we as a community might be able to pause and pray, particularly during this time of already heightened tension due to the Chauvin trial. I am encouraged and inspired by the pleas for peace that have continued to come from the family of George Floyd.

 As I did last month when the trial began, I ask that all of us take time daily to pray for justice, but also for peace in our families and in our communities.

Read more in The Catholic Spirit.


We are looking to fill a volunteer leadership role on the parish Finance Committee starting this fall. This is a three-year term position, with the option to serve a second three year term. The committee normally meets on the third Tuesday of the month (September – April) and meets with the Parish Council on the third Wednesday in May to finalize budgets.

If you have a background in accounting, banking, audit, investments, budgeting or Human Resources and are interested in this opportunity or would like more information, please contact Audra Johnson.


The Basilica Parish Council - Nominations
Deadline: April 15, 2021
This spring, elections will be held for Parish Council representatives for our Learning and Christian Life areas.  Parishioners are invited to nominate excellent candidates using the nomination form.



Noon Mass

In our weekly video series "Art That Surrounds Us," Johan van Parys, Ph.D., our Director of Liturgy and Sacred Arts, shares information about a piece from The Basilica of Saint Mary's art collection.
In this episode for Divine Mercy Sunday, Johan tells us about Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska and her apparition of Jesus which inspired devotion to the Divine Mercy. He also shares details about our Merciful Jesus icon by Deb Korluka, which includes elements of the resurrected Jesus who appeared to Saint Faustina merged with the depiction of Jesus as he appeared to Saint Thomas in the Upper Room. 
“How much the world is in need of the mercy of God today!”
- Saint Pope John Paul II