Archives: September 2021

Although the seasons are changing and you are wondering where summer went, it may also perpetually feel like March 2020. Time may feel like rapid movement and, at the same time, a pure standstill. How is 2022 only four months away? Maybe we are getting a glimpse of God’s time, which is not measured by our conventional standards of hours, days, weeks, or years. This could be a call to observe Kairos more and transform our thoughts about time. No matter how you feel about time right now, it is an important opportunity to (re)connect with what grounds us. 

The past 18 months have been daunting and overwhelming in Minneapolis. And it may still feel that way. Or has always felt that way. But as the hymn goes, “no storm can shake my inmost calm while to that rock I’m clinging.” For me, The Basilica has been that rock especially in the last year and a half. From livestreamed Masses to safe in-person gatherings to celebrate the Eucharist to programming in- and outside the church’s walls, The Basilica is the home I need to ground myself in God’s love. 

For me at first, as an introvert, the idea of staying home a lot was welcome news. I would not be distracted by conversations at work or feel the need to be “on” at social gatherings. But as time passed and the uncertainty of how long this would last crept in, the idea of community strengthened for me. I longed to be around those who still have a sense of hope despite the darkness that surrounded us. Worshipping and listening to the Word which would sustain us. Struggle together as a community to make sense of what our role is currently and how we advance the common good. The Basilica has continued to offer these opportunities through such trying times. In the medium that is safest for you. 

Beyond the beautiful Masses, exciting programs are happening and need your gifts and talents: faith formation, RCIA, Access and Inclusion Ministry, mentoring Minneapolis College students, liturgical ministry, and more. The more we come together as one body, the more we experience God’s love and Christ in one another. This is especially needed as our communities rebuild and reconnect.

Maybe you feel excluded or hesitant due to health concerns regarding the ongoing pandemic. The Basilica has made every effort to keep us, and especially the most vulnerable, safe. Building and technological upgrades, hygiene protocols, and other protective measures ensure the common good during extraordinary times. And if you still feel uncomfortable, let them know how to improve. 

If you find yourself shaken due to the extra storms since 2020, fear not. How can you keep from singing when The Basilica of St. Mary is your rock? You are welcome to refresh and renew your spirit while reconnecting at The Basilica. 

We are happy you are here.


Aara Johnson

Parish Council, Vice Chair
The Basilica of Saint Mary


Basilica dome cupola and cross

Noon Mass