MAY 31, 2020 


Today we pray for peace and healing in our city.


Noon Mass for Justice and Peace 

May 29, 2020

"Seek the well-being of the city to which I have sent you. Pray for it to the Lord. For in seeking its well-being, you shall find your own."  --Jeremiah 29:7



For peace in our world, our country, our cities, our homes and our hearts,
Let us pray to the Lord,

For an end to the evil of racism so prevalent in our society,
Let us pray to the Lord,

For laws and regulations that assure justice and equality for all,
Let us pray to the Lord,

For a conversion of heart of all those who promote fear and division, Let us pray to the Lord,

For a culture of inclusion and encounter,
Let us pray to the Lord,

For all victims of racism,
especially for George Floyd ,
Let us pray to the Lord.




Basilica Community,

Greetings once again from The Basilica of Saint Mary, I hope this message finds you and your family continuing to stay well during this challenging time.

Today I would like to update you in regard to the outcome of last night’s meeting of our parish leadership.

At that meeting it was decided that this is not the right time for our parish to open The Basilica for public Mass. We will review this decision at our next meeting on June 17 and then every two weeks thereafter.

I know this decision will disappoint some of you, but I want to share with you the reasons for this decision. As Archbishop Hebda said in a letter to the people of the Archdiocese on May 23, “If a parish is not confident they are ready, they should not open. Period. And if the faithful feel safer at home, the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days continues to be dispensed.”

Last evening as we discussed re-opening The Basilica, it became clear that although we have done extensive work to develop our protocols, at the present moment we were not ready to re-open. There is just so much we don’t know in regard to the progress of COVID-19, that we wanted additional time to review and refine our protocols, and any further recommendations from health officials, so that we don’t inadvertently put anyone at risk, especially anyone on our staff, or any vulnerable members of our community.

This time will also allow us to learn from those churches and facilities across the country that have re-opened. Certainly this is a painful time for all of us. However, our commitment to the common good makes it important for us to be both good Catholics and good citizens when we gather for worship.

As we look at re-opening The Basilica, we will be attentive to any new information from the Center for Disease or Department of Health; a decline in the number of cases/hospitalizations, and deaths from COVID-19; and how we can be good neighbors to the broader Minneapolis community.

In closing please remember to pray for all those who have died at this challenging time, for those who grieve them, and for those who are sick and their families, and all caregivers. Also let us pray for the women and men in the health care field, and first responders who daily risk their health to take care of our sisters and brothers in need. Let us pray.

Prayer of Pope Francis during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Please take time to vote. The Parish Council represents you - our parishioners. The Council plays a key role in working with the pastor to ensure that The Basilica of Saint Mary community continues to live out our mission and vision. 

We are in need of two parishioners to serve on our Parish Council - one to represent our Liturgy and Sacred Arts ministries, and the other to represent our Christian Life ministries. By filling out this ballot, you will help elect two new members to the Council.

We are pleased to announce our candidates, who are well qualified and exhibit the spirit of stewardship, volunteerism, and leadership that make The Basilica of Saint Mary such a special place.

Please take a few minutes to read the biographies included below. They are written in each candidate’s own words and chronicle their personal commitment to The Basilica and its vital programs.

Thank you in advance for your participation and your continued support of The Basilica. The deadline for voting is 5:00pm on Friday, June 5.

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MAY 24, 2020



Basilica Community,

Greetings once again from The Basilica of Saint Mary, I hope this message finds you and your family continuing to stay well during this challenging time.

We continue to miss you at The Basilica. However, we livestream daily Mass at noon, and Mass on Sundays at 9:30am, and we invite you to connect with us there. These and other services are recorded and available on our website.

Today I would like to update you on three things:
First, earlier this morning, at Coffee and Conversation, Johan Van Parys and I discussed some ideas about how people, who may not be able to join us for Mass, can do “Church at home” this summer.

We also discussed the protocols we will be using when we are able to have public Masses again. These protocols will include, but will not be limited to, pre-registering for Mass, entering through a particular door, taking each person’s temperature, requiring face mask, and sitting in an assigned seat.

The protocols will follow all State health and safety regulations. We will also continue to livestream our liturgies even as we begin to re-open The Basilica.

Second, I want to mention that next week at Coffee and Conversation, Terri Ashmore, our Managing Director and I will discuss some of the protocols we are establishing for staff and volunteers returning to campus.

It is our hope and my prayer that these protocols will ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone who comes to our campus. I invite you to join us next Wednesday at 9:00am for this conversation.

Finally, I just want to thank everyone for their financial generosity, their patience, and their prayers during this pandemic. People have been very generous to The Basilica during this time, as well as enormously patient as we try to make our way through this new reality. We are learning new ways to connect with people, as well as new ways to be community.

This is going to take some time—and it will probably be messy—and no doubt there will be some missteps along the way. Given this, I am extremely grateful for the many prayers people have offered and are offering for our Basilica community. Keep them coming. They are both needed and appreciated. 


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