Occasionally or even often, when I am reading or listening to the radio or a podcast, I am intrigued or challenged; I learn something or perhaps question what I presumed I knew. The limit though is, I just listen, just take it in, through my own lens; sitting in my car, or listening on my walk; there is no follow up to it, no other perspectives than that of the speaker. If I am listening with someone else, I learn more, reflect more, remember more. If something really impresses or intrigues me; if I think something is consequential or perhaps wrong, sharing it, getting another perspective, really peeling it apart, helps me immensely.

This is also very true for my spiritual journey. I do need time in quiet prayer. And I need time in community. I have found there are so many resources available, so many gifted and intelligent people in our Basilica community, many on our staff. A few small groups have been meeting for years through book clubs, Bible study, Ministry groups, and prayer groups. It is though a relatively small number of people in a very large community.

Forced through the necessary practices employed during the Covid pandemic we have learned many things, among them, we need each other, we need community, we long for meaningful interaction.


Small faith communities are relational groups that gather regularly to pray, learn, reflect and share faith.

The Basilica is inviting more of us to give Small faith communities a try. We have already a growing library of topics and resources, based on interest more will be added. Here are a few to consider as we begin.

Reading the Gospels with the Church: From Christmas through Lent by Raymond E Brown

On Retreat with Henri Nouwen: Engaging Life’s Big Questions

Commonweal Conversation Starter Series Mental Health and Solidarity

Liturgy of the Ordinary: sacred practices in everyday life by Tish Harrison Warren

In This Together Film series, 5 films on Loving Our Way Forward” The Work of The People


Our Basilica small faith communities may meet in homes, on campus and/or remotely. We can set up demographic specific groups of neighbors, parents, retired persons, and random groups based on schedules. You may have an existing group or an idea of one, you may be ready to meet new people or both.   

In an Encyclical Letter, Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis speaks of Fraternity. “Fraternity between all men and women…here we have a splendid secret that shows us how to dream and to turn our life into a wonderful adventure. No one can face life in isolation… We need a community that supports and helps us, in which we can help one another to keep looking ahead. How important it is to dream together…By ourselves, we risk seeing mirages, things that are not there. Dreams on the other hand are built together.”  

For more information on joining, hosting, or facilitating a Small Faith Community, contact Cathy Edwards at, or call the Learning Office at 612.317.3414.


Information Sessions

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Sunday, January 23

Small Faith Communities: In-Person 10:45am

Small Faith Communities: ZOOM 1:00pm




This Sunday: Sunday,  January 30, 2022 |  Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Face masks are now required at Mass. City of Minneapolis has reinstituted a face mask mandate.  Mask will be available at the entrances. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe. 

5:00pm Saturday Mass of Anticipation:
Celebrant: Fr. Peter Brandenhoff
Music: Cantor, Organ

7:30am Sunday Mass: 
Celebrant: Fr. Harry Tasto
Music: Cantor, Organ

9:30am Sunday Mass: Livestream | ASL Interpreted
Celebrant: Fr. Harry Tasto
Music: Cantor, Organ, The Basilica Cathedral Choir

11:30am Sunday Mass: 
Celebrant: Fr. Harry Tasto
Music: Cantor, Contemporary Ensemble), Piano

5:00pm Sunday Mass: 
Celebrant: Fr. Joseph Gillespie, OP
Music: Cantor, Juventus (Young Adult Choir), Piano

Assumption Statuary on Basilica Pediment

Facemask Requirement

Facemask are now required in The Basilica. City of Minneapolis has reinstituted a facemask mandate.

Masks will be available at the entrances. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe. 


City of Minneapolis mandate           



Core to The Basilica’s vision is a commitment “to seek the well-being of the city” around us. If we’ve learned anything in the midst of a global pandemic, we have learned how interconnected and interrelated we are to our sisters and brothers worldwide. In this sense, seeking the well-being of our city isn’t defined by local or national boundaries. We must seek the well-being of all of God’s children in order to find our own.

In 1970, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis began a mission in the Diocese of Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela. Over the past four decades, many priests from the archdiocese have served in various parishes and capacities in the Venezuela Church. Since 1983, priests from our Archdiocese have been pastoring the parish of Jesucristo Resucitado in San Felix. The mutual interchange of peoples, cultures, gifts and faith between the parish of Jesucristo Resucitado and the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis is the goal of the Venezuela Mission Partnership.

This weekend, The Basilica will have a second collection at all Masses to support the Venezuela Mission Partnership. An estimated 65,000 people live in the 11 distinct barrios (neighborhoods) of the Jesucristo Resucitado parish, and this diocese suffers from 70% unemployment with lack of healthcare and basic nutrition. 

Here are some of the ways our archdiocesan efforts and donations minister to the physical and spiritual needs of our sisters and brothers in Venezuela:

  • Every weekend there are seven Masses celebrated in the parish – two Masses in the church and five in the barrio chapels. Building more barrio chapels would allow us to provide Masses for the people in their own neighborhoods.
  • The Jesucristo Resucitado parish center has space to address medical needs of our people with a medical clinic, dentist office, and medical laboratory.
  • The parish center also provides space for a computer center, youth room, and classrooms. A variety of classes teach catechesis and the basic skills to start their own businesses, including classes on baking, cake decorating, cutting hair, basic accounting, basic computer skills, and pharmacist assistant among others.
  • Additionally, the daycare center is under remodel to serve as a study center with access to the internet for the youth in the barrio of Campo Rojo.
  • The soup kitchen prepares 150 lunches Monday through Friday for mostly children and elderly. Around 70 people eat at the soup kitchen and the rest of the food is delivered to people’s homes.
  • The parish collaborates with a neighboring Salesian parish to run a home for abandoned and homeless boys. This home located in the parish, is currently home for 12 boys ages 11 to 18 years old.


Most of us aren’t able to travel around the world as missionaries. But we can all answer the call to be missionary disciples by supporting those who so desperately need our assistance, prayerfully accompanying them and helping them reach their fullest potential.

Thank you in advance for your support of our mission collection, in addition to your generosity to The Basilica’s regular collection.
Donations can also be sent to:

Archdiocesan Center for Mission
Attn: Venezuelan Mission
777 Forest St.
St. Paul, MN 55106-3857

Or you are invited to donate online at




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Year-End Giving 2021

We have not yet reached our Basilica Fund goal for The Basilica of Saint Mary. There’s still time to make a difference and help us reach our goal—please consider making your year-end gift at
Your giving empowers our mission and allows us to plan for the year ahead.

In order to receive a tax-deduction for 2021, gifts must be postmarked by Friday, December 31.
Online gifts must be received by midnight on December 31. The Basilica's offices will be closed on Friday, December 31 and Saturday, January 1. 

If you need assistance with year-end giving, contact Audra Johnson at or cell 612.328.3486.



Archbishop Hebda has asked for our help to assist our brothers and sisters who have recently suffered devastation by historic December Tornadoes.

In mid December, 35 massive tornadoes caused immense devastation and resulted in substantial loss of life spread across 8 states and even spawned at least 16 rare tornadoes in southern Minnesota on December 15.

Prayerfully consider donating to those suffering devastation in these historic December tornadoes. 


Bishops Emergency Disaster Fund