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The Gift of Redemption

One of my favorite movies is a 1983 film entitled Tender Mercies. The movie stars Robert Duvall as Mac Sledge, an alcoholic country music singer/songwriter who, after going on a bender, finds himself in a small town in rural Texas. There he slowly turns his life around as he develops a relationship with a young widow and her son. 

I like the movie for several reasons. One reason in particular, though, is that it reminds me that sometimes “redemption” is a process. Now, let me be absolutely clear about this. We believe that Jesus, suffered died and rose again to redeem us, once for all. Our redemption has already been accomplished. It is certain and sure. There is absolutely no question about that. Sometimes, though, it takes us a while to realize and accept the redemption that has been won for us, and that is freely offered to us. 

In the film Mac does not change his ways immediately. It takes him a while to accept that he has been saved. His understanding is a gradual process and takes place over a period of time, as he fluctuates back and forth between his old life and drinking days, and the new life he was beginning to live. It takes him a while to let his new way of living become his new life. 

And so I think it is with us sometimes. 

Sometimes we find it difficult to accept truths that are simple, real and at the same time, profound. For many people I suspect the redemption Jesus won for us is one of those truths. We are so used to making our own way—to working hard to earn or merit the things we have accomplished. It is hard for us to realize that there are some things we can’t earn, we don’t merit, and we can’t work to accomplish. Very specifically I believe our redemption is one of those things we don’t earn, merit or work to accomplish. Our redemption by Jesus Christ is a freely offered gift. And as we all know, we don’t earn gifts, we simply accept them. 

For us, as humans, understanding that our redemption is a gift and then accepting that gift, is often a process. We don’t have to worry, though; it is not a process for God. Christ has redeemed once for all. Sometimes it just takes a while for that message to get through to us.  



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Basilica in winter

Noon Mass

There are several ways you can support our community this Advent and Christmas season.

Make a Gift to our St. Vincent de Paul Outreach Ministry
Our St. Vincent de Paul Outreach has resumed their work on Tuesday and Thursdays 9:30 – 11:30am in Teresa of Calcutta. We have reopened with limited services of ID vouchers, gas card and bus cards. Thanks to our staff and the volunteers returning to do this important work. The Basilica’s St. Vincent de Paul Ministry provides much needed support to the vulnerable in our community. To make a gift to our St. Vincent de Paul ministry, please visit mary.org/svdpgive.


Make a Christmas Gift to The Basilica
Please consider making a special Christmas gift to support our ministries and programs. Make your gift at mary.org/give.


Ascension’s “Be a Santa’s Helper” 
Church of the Ascension’s “Be a Santa’s Helper” drive last Advent delivered nearly 200 Christmas bags and 400 food boxes to families in need. They are trying to double that this year with a goal of: Every child in need receives a present this Christmas. We would like all toys to arrive on or before December 9. 

Buy a toy from the Amazon.com wish list; it will ship to Ascension. 
Visit  tinyurl.com/86fu58c9 to see the list.

We also need volunteers to help with wrapping, packing and distribution. Please visit this form on Sign-Up Genius to see days and times available. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0D44A9A829A4F5CE9-beasantas

Volunteer at Catholic Charities
Volunteer to help serve meals at Catholic Charities during the Advent and Christmas season. 
More information at cctwincities.org.



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