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Strength for My Journey Ahead

When I give talks about the liturgy I am often asked why we do what we do. I give three answers to that question: 1. So that we may become what we believe. 2. So that we may be all on fire with the love of God. 3. So that we may truly encounter the Paschal Mystery.

As for the third I always quote my great mentor the late Mark Searle. When he was diagnosed with cancer he said: “I have lived the Paschal Mystery long enough not to forsake it or doubt it when it becomes most real.” We celebrate the liturgy so that when any one of us encounters a life threatening disease we may have the deep faith Mark had and say with him: “I have lived the Paschal Mystery long enough not to forsake it or doubt it when it becomes most real.”

That day has come for me.

On Monday of Holy Week I was told I had a tumor in my abdomen. Further tests revealed that I have metastatic seminoma. Currently it is staged at 2C. This week I will undergo more tests. If all goes as planned I will start chemo on Monday April 16. The treatment calls for 12 weeks of chemo. One week of daily 5 hour doses followed by two weeks of recuperation. This cycle is administered four times. The doctors are cautiously optimistic that this regimen will cure the cancer.

Holy Week was a new experience for me. The mysteries we celebrate during Holy Week became very real. Being the celebrant for Stations of the Cross and speaking to those joining the church at the Easter Vigil were very profound experiences. Singing the exulted and the Easter Alleluia moved me to my core. We are an Easter people. We are a people of hope.

We have set up a Caring Bridge page so you can journey with me these next few months.

I know it will not be easy but I find great strength in the knowledge of God’s love and mercy and your prayers and concern. It is my hope to come out of this experience a better person and a stronger Christian.

And BTW (By The Way), if you want to know more about why we do what we do, you will have to come to my next lecture on the liturgy or read Ask Johan in our Basilica Magazine.





Dear Johan,
I am frankly stunned to read of your diagnosis but am very heartened by your obvious immersion in the mysteries that the Liturgy points to and embodies. Know that I will make you part of my daily prayer in a new way from this point on. I will pray that you be cured swiftly and completely and return to your life of service, always knowing that the outcome is in God's hands. If there is anything more I could do to be helpful (in addition to prayer) let me know.

Johan, Fred and I walk with you. Stay in peace...

I Love You. I’m praying for a full recovery

You are in our thoughts and prayers, my the good Lord shine his face upon you during this journey. Hugs and love

Patrick, you are in our prayers as you endure the chemo routine. This too shall pass.

Our whole family has had you in our thoughts since Easter. Stage 2c sounds better than others but it sounds like you are going to get a thorough treatment course. Now, take all your “Johan passion” and put it into kicking cancers butt!! (Edited for sending love and prayers for strength, and healing!!!

My dear Johan, I will be praying for you every day. May the graces of the Triduum fill you with confidence ... that what you have taught and lived is now being experienced with new depth and awe. Having gone through chemo myself, completing it and then radiation on Holy Thursday, 2014, I can understand "a bit" the blessings that are coming your way amidst the unknowns before you. I'm writing you at the close of the feast of the Annunciation... Thank you for inviting us into your journey toward healing. love and peace...

Dearest Johan, we are sending Healing Prayers to you. Looking forward to seeing you in Rome in September. Know you are in our thoughts and prayers, take care and God Bless, Tom and Debra

Johan, I just heard from Robin about your diagnosis. Bob & I will be thinking about you & praying for you! You are such a special person of great faith. That will help you in this journey. Sending wishes for strength & a good response to the chemo. My daughter just finished up 16 rounds of chemo & is doing very well! It is amazing what chemo can do! Prayers & best wishes, Johan!!


I join your many friends and loved ones who are praying for your return to good health. May fortitude and peace be with you in the days ahead.

Mark Searle is truly one the greats. In his living and his dying he showed us the way as a teacher of great wisdom. My his spirit guide you and the love of so many sustain you. John

Most darling and beloved prayers and solidarity are with you on your walk. I know you choose love, not fear. I trust the Holy Spirit with breathe the fire of healing deep into your body and soul. I am still walking my cancer path, and it has surely been a privilege to feel the Right arm of the Lord encircle me. He is in perfect step esp. through the dark valleys, but you already know this, don't you? "Preaching to the choir", is what they call it....Love ,love and more love.

Praying for you from Austin, TX! Will ask the Carmelites that I know to add you to their prayer list too! Good luck with beating this!

Dear Johan..My family and I will keep you in our prayers as you fight this cancer. Remain strong in the Lord.


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