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Liturgical Celebrations

Becoming the Body of Christ

Guided by the documents of the Second Vatican Council we are committed to celebrate liturgy in the best way we can based on the following three principles we truly take to heart. 

  1. The celebration of the liturgy is the source and summit of everything we do as a Christian community. It is in the liturgy that our life as Christians begins and ends. And during our lifelong journey as Christians we are strengthened, nourished and healed in the liturgy.
  2. The celebration of the liturgy is the primary place where we encounter Christ as He is present in the assembly gathered for the liturgy, in the celebrating priest, in the Word proclaimed and above all in the Blessed Sacrament.
  3. The celebration of the liturgy is the work of the entire People of God. All of us together, in our diverse ministries accomplish the great task of celebrating the liturgy which has been entrusted to us by Christ himself.

Celebrate with us throughout the liturgical year.

Conscious of the fact that all of us have our own spiritual sensitivities which are nourished by different styles of liturgy and music we celebrate the Sacraments with varying degrees of ritual and differing styles of music. In addition, many of us are inspired by the celebration of the liturgy of the Hours or through public or private celebration of our devotions.


At different stages in our life we are strengthened by the celebration of very specific sacraments. Other sacraments are intended to be celebrated throughout our life. All of them are intense encounters with Christ which are intended to help us to become more like Him.

Liturgy of the Hours 

In addition to the celebration of the Sacraments, many of us are inspired by praying the Liturgy of the Hours, thus marking the different hours of the day in prayer.


For many centuries Catholics have found inspiration in several devotions or pious exercises which can either be celebrated in private or in public.


At the end of our life, our loved ones will bring our mortal remains to the church for one last time.  Give a last gift to your loved ones by preparing your own funeral or prepare the funeral of a loved one.

Liturgical Seasons

The Mystery of Christ is celebrated over the course of an entire year emphasizing certain aspect of that mystery at specific times of the year. 


As sung prayer in St. Augustine's words is double prayer we like to sing at The Basilica in many different styles and languages.