Blessing of the Wheels

Once every year we invite parishioners and non-parishioners alike to join us for the Blessing of the Wheels. This can include all types of personal, wheeled transport from strollers, bikes, wheelchairs, skateboards, rollerboards, and much more. If it rolls, we'll bless it!

The word blessing is rooted in the Latin benedicere which means to "speak well." When we bless our wheels we bless God for this great gift and we ask God to bless us in turn. 

During the service we pray specifically for all those who create safe riding paths; for those who build and repair wheeled transportation; for those who are patient with us on the road and for those who are impatient; for those who are willing to share roads with others and for all those who roll. 

The event begins on the lawns and plaza of The Basilica where attendees can mingle with one another. A solemn procession with your personal, wheeled transportation marks the beginning of the service. After readings, hymns and prayers a general blessing is pronounced over everyone who is present. The service concludes with a procession out of the church followed by individual blessings.