Cantor in pulpit
Photo provided by: 
Michael Jensen


Chorus Cantorum: Cantors and Psalmists

Lend your voice in leadership to the hymns, songs, and responses of the liturgy or to the proclamation of the responsorial Psalm. This group of liturgical musicians gathers every other Wednesday from 6:00-7:00pm to prepare for music ministry.

First round audition: 
Please plan to prepare the following: 

  1. Resume
  2. A sacred solo that showcases your voice (in the style of Art Song or Aria: e.g., Schubert “Ave Maria;” appropriate movements from Handel’s Messiah; Xerxes; et al.).  A Basilica accompanist will be provided—please submit your accompaniment score at least one week in advance of your audition.
  3. Prepare the two psalm settings provided below.  You will be asked to sight-read one additional psalm at your audition of similar style to those provided here.

Second round audition: 
Eligible cantor candidates move on to sing the responsorial psalm and communion psalm at a regularly scheduled weekend liturgy.