Revolution of Love and Tenderness
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Art by Sr Mary Ann Osborne

Election Octave

An Octave of Prayer after Our Elections
The results of the election will give some cause for celebrations, others will perhaps struggle.  We invite you to join us in asking God that we may overcome our differences and together build the kind of world God has in mind for us. 

Today we start an octave or eight days of prayers for our country, all our fellow citizens and our leaders.
Together, let us kindle in a revolution of love and tenderness. 


Day One
For the Unity of All People, Especially All Citizens of this Country
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Patroness of the United States, Pray for Us.

Day Two
For Peace of Mind and Heart 
St. Dymphna, Consoler of All Those in Distress, Pray for Us.

Day Three
For the Healing of all Wounds 
St. Raphael, Healer of all Wounds, Pray for Us.

Day Four
For Justice and Equality for all 
St. Martin de Pores, Patron Saint of Racial Harmony, Pray for Us.

Day Five 
For Charity in all Our Words and Actions 
St. Teresa of Calcutta, Caregiver to Those Most in Need, Pray for Us.

Day Six
For Peace in our World, our Country, our Cities and Our homes
St. Oliver, Patron Saint of Peace and Reconciliation, Pray for Us.

Day Seven
For the Welfare of all Nations 
St. Michael, Guardian of all Nations and Peoples, Pray for Us.

Day Eight
For our Elected and Newly Elected Leaders
St. Thomas More, Patron Saint of Politicians, Pray for Us.