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How do I schedule a visit from an Emmaus Minister?

Have you ever wished you had someone to talk to who would just listen—really listen? Without offering advice? Without trying to change or fix your story?

Many times in our lives, it would be wonderful to have an objective, compassionate listening ear. Situations we experience—happy or sad—are powerful stories to tell. Basilica Emmaus Ministers are ready to listen with compassion and confidentiality, to accept people as they are, and to honor the wisdom we each hold in our hearts.

Contact Wendy Caduff, 612.317.3474, to be connected with a listening minister.

Emmaus Ministry is a part of the national BeFrienders ministry program. Visit the BeFrienders website for more information.




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Wendy Caduff

How do I become an Emmaus Listening Minister?

You’ll interview, attend training, and complete an internship. Throughout the process, you’ll work with a program leader who can provide guidance and support.

The next training is planned for fall of 2022. Inquire now for more info or to schedule an interview prior to training. Contact Wendy Caduff, 612.317.3474.

Initial commitment is two years, including:

  • Interviews and Discernment: 2+ hours
  • Training: 15 hours
  • Internship: 4–5 hours of visiting as an intern
  • Ministering: 1-2 hours per month
  • Ministry Support: 2 hours per month


Upcoming Events

Oct 8
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Short Listening WorkshopSaturday, October 8, 9:00 – 11:30am, ZoomEmmaus Listening Ministry seeks to bring the gift of listening to the world. For those not quite ready to enter the ministry or commit...