Photo Art Sculpture Headshot Jesus on the Cross
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Mike Jenssen

Rediscovering Faith

Seeing With New Eyes: Rediscovering My Faith

“As a child I could never find God in God’s house. Sitting in Mass I felt like a machine that could not manage to function properly. I had all the pieces, but together they would not produce the desired outcome. Looking around, it seemed as if everyone else was filled with God’s grace as soon as they walked in the church doors.”  - A. Freese

Does this sound familiar? Do you feel like you missed something in your faith formation as you were growing up? Do you wonder sometimes what the Mass really means? What about confession? 

What about your faith? Has it grown or deepened over the last decades or have you stayed pretty much the same?  Would you find a faith brush-up helpful?

Join us for this six-part series offered annually.